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Artificial Intelligence &

We are proud to be a recognised name in the world of Artificial Intelligence & Data. Working with global clients, we are able to build highly technical teams in emerging areas of AI.

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Artificial Intelligence & Data

Operating within the Artificial Intelligence & Data sectors for over 5 years, we have a global presence across Europe, the USA. Our team of AI specialist recruiters are on a mission to build the most elite and high-performing research and engineering teams out there.

Our team have a highly technical approach and understanding of the various niche areas of AI with operate within, ensuring that the right candidates are matched to our clients. This includes emerging areas such as Quantum Computing, Reinforcement Learning, MLOps and Recommender Sytems etc.  

At Cubiq, we have established AI specific departments with specialist consultants such as our Quantum Computing department that works in various areas of Quantum placing some of the top talent globally.

We aim to constantly understand our market in these areas, providing technical advice and guidance on how a position yourself. This can range from salary guidance, job descriptions and how to position yourself to land that dream job or attract that unicorn candidate!


Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Reinforcement Learning
Computer Vision
Data Science / Engineering
Natural Language Processing
Computational Biology / Bioinformatics
Recommender Systems
Scientific Research
Large Langauge Models (LLMs)
Speech Technology (ASR / TTS)
Generative AI

Social Media & Adtech

Cubiq are fortunate to be partnered with both large multinational Social Media & Adtech platforms as well as new up and coming platforms looking for talent to compete!

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Drug Discovery

AI assisted Drug Discovery is a growing and exciting Market. Cubiq has been growing teams in this area for the last 5 years through our dedicated BioAI focused team.

Different areas of drug discovery

Autonomous Mobility

We have been building cutting-edge research teams in autonomous mobility across the US, EU, and Asia since 2017. Our clients revolutionize transportation by leveraging AI, sensor fusion, and advanced algorithms to create safer, more efficient roads and transportation options. 

Speech Technology

We have had a strong presence in the speech technology areas for many years covering areas across ASR, VSR & TTS. We support clients globally from some of the largest Speech ML teams out there through to stealth mode start-ups.

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AI Team

Industry experts across AI disciplines. Reach out to find out more.

Leading the Tech Teams in Emerging Spaces
Technology - Global
Matt Mckenna
Placing top Software talent across North America
Oliver Porter
Team Leader
Placing talent across the US & Europe
Jack Cartlidge
Managing Consultant
Placing the top talent in Quantum Computing
Quantum Computing - Global
Rebecca Foster
Principal Consultant
Sourcing Geek
Software / Quantum Computing - Global
Brendan Cross-Williams
Principal Consultant
Placing talent across the US & Europe
AI - USA / Europe
Chris Bradbury
Senior Consultant


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What our
clients think

Instadeep - AI Scale Up

It's always a pleasure to work with Cubiq. I'm still working with them quite often since InstaDeep is part of their portfolio. They are a very dedicated, professional and experienced Recruiters They always wants to make sure that the candidate/company has the best experience ever and also, beforehand, that the company needs are in line with the market. The communication between the company and the candidate is smooth & facilitated thanks to them. I do recommend them 100%!

Arlette Affoya - Head of HR

Sharechat - Multinational Social Media - Recommender Systems / MLOps

"Cubiq have been helping our team hire the ML talent we need to support our main products. The communication is very smooth and the processes are well defined. I am very happy with the team's service and would highly recommend them to anyone else. "

Wenzhe Shi - Senior Director - Applied ML

Instadeep - AI Scale-Up - Reinforcement Learning / NLP

"Cubiq are great recruiters who actually specifically understands customer needs (no generic CVs) and is able to source expertise from niche academic fields for business needs. Highly recommended."

Marek Barwinski - Head of Machine Learning

Contilio - AI Start-Up - 3D Computer Vision

"Cubiq is great to work with. They source great candidates and are with you throughout the process so you get to recruit the best who ✅ your criteria. I totally recommend them to others."

Zara Riahi - CEO & Founder

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