Why Is Frontend Engineering So Important?


Frontend developers are the engineers who build the user-facing parts of websites and apps, including interfaces, interactions and graphics. This is an important role that often gets overlooked because it’s invisible to users - but it’s essential for making sure that your website or app looks great and works smoothly.


User Experience

User experience (UX) is the experience a person has when using a website, software application or other complex product. It includes all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services and its products.User interface development is one of the most important parts of UX. But it’s not just about making sure your product looks visually appealing – UX goes much deeper than that.

Like any good engineer, you have to be able to look at your product from different angles and think critically about how it works for users. You also need to make sure your work doesn’t inhibit their experience in any way: if there are errors or bugs in your codebase that might prevent users from completing tasks, those bugs should be fixed immediately before they can cause damage!

User Interface development

  • Design and build the user interface. This is the part of frontend engineering that most people think about when they hear the term. It's what you see when you open up an app or website—the look and feel of it, how easy it is to navigate, and how engaging it is as a whole.
  • Design and develop the user experience (UX). The UX refers to how easy or difficult it is for someone to use your product once they've downloaded it onto their device. Does your app have a sleek layout? Is its menu intuitive? Can users get where they want within seconds? These are all parts of UX design that help users enjoy using your product more than ever before.
  • Develop the frontend of a website or app: This can include creating graphics for buttons and other elements within an application; working with other developers to make sure these designs work properly; building prototypes that show off what you want in terms of functionality; writing code based on those prototypes so all those features become real—and much more!


User Interaction

The frontend engineering team is responsible for the user experience(UX), which includes everything that a user sees and interacts with. This includes the interface of your website or application, as well as how it looks and feels when they’re using it.


In conclusion, frontend engineering is an increasingly important field of computer science. It requires skills in user interface design and user experience as well as a strong grasp of the latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3, React and JavaScript. If you want to get into it yourself and learn how to code for the web, check out some great resources below!

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