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Your resume is an important tool that you have at your disposal which can generate general interest - or it can be your ticket to a new opportunity.

Every time you use your resume, it creates an impression of you, for the people who are potentially looking to hire you.

Your resume is your calling card; it's what will get you the interview with prospective employers.

It gives them something to talk about and helps them answer questions like "Who is this person?" and "What makes them stand out from everyone else?"

The reason why you want to create and send out into the world multiple types of resumes is because you want to make sure that when opportunities arise, and people are looking for the kind of employee that you are - they will find you!

With a software engineer resume, all that’s required is a little clarification.

Your software engineer resume should showcase all your relevant experience in this space. You should also talk about any side projects or personal websites that might be relevant as well.

The goal of your engineering resume is to show off your skills and experience in this space. If you have the right certifications, that’s great, but it’s not essential.

It’s more important to focus on showcasing your actual work experience and projects than anything else. You can go deeper into the technical aspects during your interview!


Software engineers are expected to have a deep understanding of how software works. You need to be able to communicate clearly with their team and explain complex ideas in simple terms to non-technical stakeholders – ensure simpler non-technical language is used in case the person reading your resume is non-technical.


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