IFS Unleashed 2022 – Wrap Up

IFS Unleashed 2022 has already been and gone, but I'm still reeling from all the information that was revealed at the conference. In the aftermath of IFS Unleashed, I aim to conclude some of the information that was discussed at the conference. First and foremost, it was great to see the return of an IFS event after the Covid pandemic brought all public events to a halt. With the rebrand of the event being focused on how ERP customers can unleash their potential with IFS it definitely was an excellently planned event with a packed schedule!  


On Tuesday morning, Darren Roos (CEO) kicked off the event discussing how IFS has shaped its entire organization around the customers and their success; focusing on customers that are realising value in their business. It cannot be denied how well IFS is doing in the market at the moment and their IFS implementations seem to be running very smoothly indeed. I am sure Darren could have spoken for much longer on this area with all the IFS success stories happening globally. But I found he selected his topics of discussion impeccably, keeping it concise yet informative. Some of the statistics regarding IFS were astonishing showing how well the company has established itself in the technological market. Confirming its spot as the number one ranked FSM vendor in the world, number one ranked Asset Management vendor in the world and one of the top 3 ERP systems in the world.

Wednesdays focus was the customers speaking about how innovation in technology have fuelled their transformation and growth. I found Michael Ouissi’s segment the most interesting for me out of the whole week. It was an enlightening discussion with IFS customers sharing their insights, lessons learnt and recommendations for a successful value creation. A very honest segment, as we all now ERP implementations are stressful, and issues come up no matter how much you plan and test! However, this was fantastic hearing what issues these customers faced and how they overcame them. I learnt a lot regarding the different industries and their specific business transformations.  


One aspect from all the businesses in Michael’s discussions that I noticed was how cautious every industry is now being regarding sustainability and their environmental impact. This was highlighted even further in a specific conversation on Thursday’s schedule regarding IFS and sustainability. With ERP implementations being complex as they are, but also to focus on and analyse your business processes to ensure you are being more environmentally neutral, is a difficult task. What was fascinating was hearing about how IFS supports their customers to define and execute their sustainability strategy as part of business growth. There were also discussions here on IFS’ commitment in the future regarding the IFS Cloud SustainabilityRoad map.

After speaking with several of my clients and candidates who attended the conference, the feedback and conclusions have been fantastic! The event was packed with informative decisions relating to what IFS can provide as an ERP system, but also learning about IFS as a company and discussions on topics related to personal development. It really was a fantastic event that offered more than just selling the product, and a few Miami beach parties! This will definitely contribute to IFS’ continued growth within the market and I strongly believe the next IFS event will be attended by even more people!

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