ERP Trends Since Coronavirus

ERP Trends Since Coronavirus

As a recruiter who has been working the ERP markets for five years, I was able to be involved with the ERP world before, during and after Coronavirus. Despite the global pandemic being a health concern, it obviously impacted our businesses and economy across the world. One of the most important lessons we've learned is that it's important to be prepared for any scenario and I can see companies doing just that! I was recently speaking with an ERP Partner, and we had an interesting discussion on what trends we had noticed regarding end users and ERP systems since Coronavirus. And I thought I would conclude some of the trends we thought of.


ERP systems are used by most businesses to manage their business operations, and these systems are responsible for storing and managing all your company's data. In many cases, this includes customer information, financial information, employee information, and other sensitive data that must be protected at all costs. Coronavirus has had an impact on how companies store and protect their data within ERP systems because it has forced them to make changes in order to improve their security measures and ability to access data.


One of the biggest trends I had noticed, is that companies are looking for ways to become more agile and efficient in their operations. When Coronavirus happened, it caused so many delays and any areas of the business that did not have efficient business processes were delayed even further. This resulted in company’s reviewing a lot of their business processes and analysing how their ERP system can improve this. They are also looking for ways to make sure that they have an easy time communicating with customers and employees.


Another key trend is that companies want to be able to get rid of paper as much as possible. When everyone was forced to work from home, paper methods were not suitable anymore and therefore this has forced companies to digitalise. They want everything done electronically, so that it can be stored easily and accessed quickly. It's also important for companies to make sure they have a good system for tracking production progress and ensuring quality control throughout all stages of production.


The above observation links very closely with another trend I have noticed which is a move towards cloud-based solutions. It's not a surprise, really—cloud infrastructure is more cost-effective, scalable, and easier to maintain than on-premise solutions. It also allows companies to get their software up and running quickly without having to invest in hardware or software licenses.


Not only did Coronavirus cause a huge disruption to the way companies conduct business, but it also led to a major shift in how they manage their data and security. Many companies have found that existing systems were not designed with enough attention to data security, and have had to either rebuild their systems or rework them entirely. Many companies are moving away from traditional network security measures such as firewalls or antivirus software towards more comprehensive solutions like data encryption and key management systems that can help protect against unauthorized access by outsiders or insiders alike. Another major shift has been towards more centralized management of access privileges within an organization's ERP system so that employees only have access to what they need without having full access rights which could allow them access to sensitive information without authorization.


A final trend is that many companies are reorganizing themselves around a mobile-first model, with the assumption that if they don't need to beat their desk all day long—or even if they do—they'll have access to their work from anywhere in the world via their phone or tablet device.


In conclusion, the pandemic really forced companies globally to digitalise their ERP systems and review their business processes. It has been fascinating to see companies protect themselves in case anything similar happened again.

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