We are proud to be a recognised name in the world of Blockchain Working with global clients, we are able to build highly technical teams in emerging areas of Blockchain Development. Check out our client recommendations further down.

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With our dedicated team of Blockchain specialist recruiters
our mission is to forge the most exceptional and adept Web3 & Blockchain Teams for our clients.

Fuelled by a profound technical acumen, our team comprehends the specialised domains within the Blockchain arena, ensuring alignment of the right talent with our clients. We cover domains like Distributed Ledger Technology, Smart Contract development, Consensus Mechanisms and Decentralised Finance (De-Fi).

Our commitment rests in continuously grasping the nuances of the Blockchain market, furnishing expert insights and recommendations on strategic positioning. This encompasses counsel on facets such as competitive compensation frameworks, finely-crafted job profiles, and strategic guidelines for candidates to secure their coveted roles or for clients to attract those truly exceptional individuals.

Whether you're an aspiring Blockchain professional aiming to step into your dream role or an organisation seeking that elusive, exceptional talent, we stand ready to empower your journey with our unwavering expertise and in-depth industry understanding.


Core/Protocol Development
Smart Contract Development
Consensus Algorithms
Blockchain Security
Web3 Cloud Based Infrastructures
Marketing/Social/Community Management
Content/Technical Writing
Interoperability/Cross-chain solutions
Decentralised applications (dAPPs)

Layer 1 Protocols

Layer 1 companies focus on developing and maintaining the foundational blockchain protocols. These protocols are the underlying infrastructure for various applications and transactions. Layer 1 solutions aim to improve scalability, security, and consensus mechanisms, shaping the entire blockchain ecosystem. Companies in this space create the fundamental building blocks that other projects and applications rely on for decentralised innovation.

Whether you are building your Layer 1 Protocol with Rust, Golang or any other languages – We have a network of highly skilled engineers with the hard to come across skills required to help you achieve this.

Layer 2 Solutions

Layer 2 solutions enhance blockchain scalability and efficiency. These companies build protocols that process transactions off-chain, reducing congestion and costs on the main blockchain. They enable faster and cheaper transactions, making decentralised applications more user-friendly and accessible while maintaining the security of the underlying blockchain.

Our Consultants have the knowledge to differentiate between the various ways that we can solve the scalability issues that most layer 1 Blockchains face when building an ecosystem and have a vast network of layer 2 specialised developers and non technical talent to help our layer 2 clients grow.

Game-Fi Companies

GameFi merges gaming with blockchain ,enabling players to earn rewards and own in-game assets. It spans play-to-earn games, NFT integration, virtual real estate, decentralised tournaments, and DeFi interaction. Speak to our consultants about growing your team in this space!

Defi Companies

DeFi (Decentralised Finance) protocols cover a wide range of applications that aim to recreate traditional financial services using blockchain and smart contract technology. We are working with both Large scale and Start-up Defi Protocols, connecting them with some of the top talent in the web3 ecosystem.

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