Are you prepared for your post-lockdown job search?


Regardless of what’s being reported in the media, companies are still recruiting, albeit cautiously. Hiring Managers are slowly returning from furlough and there is a lot to sort out for many before revisiting the hiring process. We can look forward to some delays with decision making whilst project timescales and update meetings take place, but after that we expect a significant upshift in activity as the economy bounces back into life.


So what can you expect as a job seeker in the (almost) post lockdown era and are you prepared?


One thing is for sure, it won’t go back to where it was

The landscape has shifted for certain and many of us don’t know exactly what the main long-term implications will be. Therefore, it’s more important now to read and listen to as much as you can about what’s happening. Prepare for all eventualities and plan what you’d do given a few circumstances. If you’re worried about redundancy, update your CV now and register for job alerts. If you have fallen victim to the downturn and are looking for work, keep your profile high and stay visible to your agency partners so you don’t get forgotten in the rush.


Keep at it

It may feel like things are running slowly but it will change. Keep applying for jobs and keep chasing down your contacts for updates. When the economy creaks back into life, you want to have a headstart in the job race so keep your activity levels high and don’t become despondent if you don’t receive feedback immediately following your application.


Manage your expectations

It’s hard to see how the UK market can avoid serious redundancy levels, that’s a fact. However, job losses will be disproportionate across sectors. We know that retail has been hardest hit, whereas new tech, pharma, and food manufacturing are on the up. Some markets will remain ‘candidate-driven’, where the market is driven by candidate availability, but many have made a very sharp and definite move towards ‘jobs-driven’, where job vacancies in a given market are harder to come by.

Understanding where your profession sits within this should drive how you focus your job search. If your markets are jobs driven, you should be registering with multiple agencies. If you’re in a skill short sector, only registering with a few trusted agencies should be your priority to save being overwhelmed with jobs.


Be prepared to do things differently

Companies have been forced to alter the way they interview and onboard new hires, which means that we’ve seen a major upswing in video interviews, online competency testing, and virtual onboarding. At Cubiq, we’ve introduced video cover letters, meaning candidates can record a short introduction for the customer to view with their CV or even answer prepared questions as a precursor to a formal interview.


What did you do during COVID-19?

Hiring Managers will want to know what you did during your time in lockdown so be prepared to answer truthfully. If you haven’t done so already, enrol on some short courses, update or learn new skills so you don’t get caught out or have to admit to drinking wine in your garden all day for 2 months.


It goes without saying that with most Hiring Managers working from home that your online presence is kept squeaky clean – check out our blog on how to make sure online image isn’t hampering your job prospects by clicking here!


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