5 Strategies for Attracting Top Talent to Your Company


Attracting top talent to your company can feel like a constant boxing match when your competitors are competing to snap up the best talent out there. Along with outmatching your competition, there is also the overall cost of hiring. Hiring the wrong person means you will need to rehire again in future and train up someone new. By getting the right person the first time, you won't need to hire new staff anytime soon and you can reduce the cost to hire. This is why it's so important to introduce strategies that will help you attract excellent and long-term talent.

Here is what you need to do to successfully attract top talent to your company.

1. Promote your company's core values

Yes, salaries and bonuses are highly valued. But, a company's core values are very attractive too.

Millennials, especially, want to work in companies whose values they agree with. They are more likely to move elsewhere if they dislike the company culture.

You can increase the salaries you offer to attract top talent but that is incredibly expensive for your business. Focus on creating a company culture and have core values people relate to. Do you believe your employees should have flexible working hours? Do you believe in building a culture of accountability? Once you've decided what your core values are, write them down and share them with your employees.

Creating and maintaining a great company culture will attract top talent and keep employees staying at your business for the long term.

2. Actively use social media

When there are millions of people using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, it's vital that companies use social media. There are many benefits to using social media: you can promote your business; interact with customers; build your brand and most importantly; engage with future applicants.

By using social media, you can interact with people who may not be ready to move to a new job but you can start piquing their curiosity. Share company news regularly, especially pictures and videos, as they are easy for other people to share and learn from.

Every month, you can check the job status of talented candidates you really want to hire for your company. Looking at their LinkedIn profile is less obtrusive than ringing them up every four weeks.

You can also use social media to promote your company's values and personality. Nowadays, more and more people are looking at company's social media before they apply for job vacancies to see if they like the company's culture. It's imperative you show a human side on your social posts as they're more engaging compared to automated.

When posting online show the benefits of working with a company like yours. It will attract the attention of higher quality talent and will likely interest people who aren't even looking for a new job yet.

3. Transform your employees into your biggest fans

Hearing the benefits of working with a company from their employee is incredibly persuasive, when you're wondering whether to apply for one their vacancies. Get employees more involved in the recruitment process. Let them know when new vacancies are coming up so they can tell people they know and share on social media. Using your employees is also great for reducing recruitment costs.

Using recruitment agencies to find exceptional talent is expensive. When an employee refers somebody they know, they are saving you a huge expense. Offering incentives to employees who recommend successful candidates, like vouchers, additional holidays and cash bonuses is far cheaper than paying for the services of a recruitment agency.

By giving incentives, you will inspire more people to spread the word about your company and encourage more people to send you their CV (without needing to use an agency).

4. Offer incredible benefits

Nowadays, more people want a job that comes with benefits and perks. Millennials and Gen Z workers, especially, are looking for jobs with clear career paths, flexibility, perks and benefits. These two groups will actively do more research about a company before they apply with their CV. They will want to know what benefits are available for working with you, such as:

  • Gym memberships
  • Health care benefits
  • Discounts
  • 1+ extra holiday day for every year they work with you
  • Flexible working hours (or working from home)
  • Company trips and training opportunities

To help you attract top talent, you must offer some stand out benefits. Other companies are already doing it and they're going to attract all the attention of talented candidates if you don't offer something special. One company has started offering 'puppy leave' for new dog owners, this is an incredible perk which would be tempting to some people looking for a new job.

Companies who join Perkbox can offer perks, benefits and discounts for their employees. There are rewards for high achieving employees. When one of your employees helps secure a new hire, they can receive a premium award. Now that's what you call an incentive!

If you offer incredible perks and incentives to your employees, make sure you shout about it on social media. People appreciate the extras they can get at work when they work hard. Hearing you offer incentives can prompt people to apply for your next vacancies.

5. Keep your talent pool in the loop

When you're responsible for recruiting new staff, it's certainly worthwhile to build a talent pool. This is a bank of CVs from people you've offered jobs to in the past (but they've declined), people who were next in line for an appointment and talented candidates you want to hire in future. Many HR managers only look at their talent pools when it's actually time to hire new staff. But that's a mistake.

You should try to communicate with your talent pool on a monthly basis. A simple email updating them with the latest news about your company is a great way to keep them interested in your business and it's easier to contact them in future.

If you haven't spoken to a contact in 12 months, it's likely they will struggle to remember you when you email them. Keep in contact with talented candidates as it will increase your odds of a successful outcome when you approach them next time.

In your emails, make sure you share company achievements and show off what incredible perks you offer. These can be very persuasive at tempting people to re-apply to your company and they will be more receptive to your attempts to recruit them.

Attracting top talent takes time, speed up the process by booking in a free consultation with one of our specialist advisors.