5 Costly Mistakes HR Managers Make When Recruiting


Finding and hiring new employees is expensive. When you calculate recruitment agency fees, time spent interviewing candidates and the cost of having a vacant job, you can see why hiring is an expensive process. Even though it is usually accidental or indirect, HR managers can make some very costly mistakes when recruiting. Here are some of the most common mistakes HR managers make (so you can avoid them!).

1. Choosing the same recruitment agency every time

Many HR managers are guilty of this. It's quick and easy to go to a recruitment agency you know and trust. But are they offering you the best service?

There are many agencies out there, but it's easy to prefer using the same ones every time. You need to regularly assess the agencies you work with and determine whether they are worth it.

Do they give you excellent applicants? Do the applicants they recommend stay at your company for the long term? Does the agency send you perfect CVs quickly?

Getting comfortable with a bad agency is bad for your hiring and your budget.

Record all your dealings with each recruitment agency. Then every three to six months, look at your data to see which recruitment agencies have worked successfully with you and which ones have caused issues. Custom data analytical hiring software can be used to help you determine where you get the best hires from.

2. No screening process

Screening applicants before inviting them to face-to-face interviews is an important step that should not be avoided. You may think it saves time, looking at CVs and picking the people you want to interview. But, in order to determine who are the best applicants to invite to an interview, you must screen them first.

Screening your potential candidates can help you save time later down the line. If you don't screen candidates beforehand, you could end up with 10+ to interview. This number can be cut in half by having a screening process.

While phone interviews are beneficial, video screening offers many more benefits. Being able to see what an applicant is important because you can get a better idea on whether they are suitable for the job. This is why more HR managers are using video screening over telephone.

With video screening, you can send interview questions and the applicant can record their answers. It's a quick and effective way of screening applicants.

3. Inaccurate job descriptions

Posting inaccurate job descriptions can be accidental but it can attract the wrong type of candidates. In the end, you're left with inappropriate CVs and you need longer to fill the vacancy.

You need to make sure your job descriptions are as accurate as they can be. Make sure these areas are covered:

  • Skills: does the candidate need experience in certain types of software?
  • Responsibilities: what does the job involve?
  • Location: where will the office be?
  • Salary: give an indication on salary expectations? It will help you attract the right candidates.

4. Forgetting to use their talent bank

Taking the time to create a bank of talented candidates is definitely worth it, however you'd be surprised how many HR managers actually forget to use their talent pools. Which is a shame when you've spent so much time on it.

Before contacting recruitment agencies, you should always refer to your talent bank. This automatic check gives you the chance to see if you already have some relevant contacts who would be suitable for the job. Choosing a recruitment agency every time is incredibly expensive, if you can hire someone from your talent pool, you'll have saved the costs of working with an agency.

5. No candidate tracking process in place

When you're hiring on a regular basis, you need to have some form of candidate tracking, otherwise there will be problems.

Many delays in hiring are caused by miscommunication between HR employees. If there are multiple people working together to recruit new employees, it can get confusing who is doing what.

With online applicant tracking, you have a clear timeline of what you're up to with each job vacancy. For HR teams working together, they can quickly see what everyone is doing.

At Cubiq, our Consultants are trained discipline experts and our advanced internal systems are designed to make tracking candidate networks as efficient as possible.

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